Snow Queen Royalty

Snow Queen with princesses.jpg

2022 Snow Queen and the Princesses of the seasons

Pictured left to right:

Princess of Autumn - Maya Nobles

Princess of Spring - Marissa Sumption

Snow Queen - Macie Luce

Princess of Summer - Shayna Heitmann

Princess of Winter - Tenley Wildung

2022 Junior Queen court

Pictured left to right back row- 

1st Runner Up - Jordis Jenner

2nd Runner Up - Tatum Luce

Junior Snow Queen - Amelia Currington

3rd Runner Up - Gretchen Dinger

4th Runner Up - Samantha Brenden

Miss Congeniality - Katie Leadabrand

Pictured left to right front row -

Snow Prince - Ramsey Skinner

Snow Princess - Madelyn Crossley


junior queen court.jpg