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Who is Frosty?

The first Frosty was revealed in 1949.  Frosty is a prominent business person or public figure, who dons the white snowman’s suit and takes part in the Festival events as a mystery snowman with his identity being revealed during the coronation.  Such notables as US Representative Ben Feifel, and Governors Joe Foss and Nils Boe have been Frosty.  Frosty is escorted to all events by uniformed Snow Guards.  The Snow Guards are the only ones who know the identity of Frosty.  The guards are appointed for a three year term and each has been a past president of the Aberdeen Jaycee organization, The Snow Queen Festival, past Festival General Chairperson or Ambassador.  The Guards select Frosty each year with specific criteria including: contributions to the Festival, community and state of South Dakota.  In the mid-1960s, GASM, Guards and Snow Men, was organized for former Snow Guards, Frostys and event organizers.  After each Festival, the Festival Ambassador and Frosty become new members of GASM.  The group meets yearly to renew old friendships, relive memories, and participate in Festival events.

Photo Courtesy of Dacotah Prairie Museum Photo Archives

1958 Snow Queen Janice Leisen, Aberdeen
with Gov. Joe Foss as Frosty


2022 Guards

Front row left to right:

Captain of the Guards Jessica Hansen and Heather Fischer with Frosty

Back row left to right:

Dawn Bremer, Don Bremer, Dave Fischer and Elizabeth Flannery

In order to determine who is the mystery Frosty each year, clues are given to the public to see if they can guess who he (or she) is before the unveiling at Snow Queen Coronation.

Can you guess
this year's Frosty?

Did you guess correctly?

This year's mystery Frosty was none other than

Lowell Punt

owner of Lagers Inn & The Zoo

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  1. I have brown eyes

  2. I have salt and pepper hair

  3. I’ve been married for 31 years

  4. I have 2 daughters

  5. I was born and raised in South Dakota

  6. My favorite food is Broasted Chicken

  7. My first job was building grain bins

  8. My favorite summer activity is Golf

  9. I enjoy hunting

  10. I have a Tractor

  11. I attended NSU

  12. I have 6 siblings

  13. I've worked road construction

  14. I’m a Dance Dad

  15. I don’t live in Aberdeen

  16. Best concert: Eagles

  17. I drive a GMC Truck

  18. My Favorite Candy is Whoppers

  19. My Favorite store is Costco

  20. I’m a Doodle Dad

  21. I’ve worked at the Aberdeen Y

  22. I’ve been to Sturgis Rally

  23. I love a Frosty Bud Light

  24. I’m a Gymnastics Dad

  25. I hate the feel of cotton

  26. My Favorite Song is Amarillo Sky

  27. My First concert was Lover Boy

  28. My Favorite winter activity is going south to golf

  29. I’m of Dutch heritage

  30. I have a passport

  31. The furthest I’ve traveled is Europe

  32. My last TV Show binge was Yellowstone

  33. I’m Allergic to Leather

  34. I’ve been to 2 Outback Bowls

  35. My daughters were both in Snow Queen the same year

  36. My random impulse buy was a Jet Ski

  37. I like to Grill

  38. I played high school football

  39. I don’t wear a tie to work to work

  40. I’ve never had a 9 to 5 job

  41. I’ve had the same job for 36 years

  42. Attended 2 Frozen Fours

  43. I like the Rams

  44. Favorite animal is a Mounted Deer

  45. Saw this year’s Heisman trophy winner play

  46. I enjoy taking Football Stadium trips

  47. I mow 3 yards

  48. I start my day off with coffee

  49. I don’t smoke

  50. I have a 2-bottom plow

  51. My Favorite karaoke song is Hot Line

  52. I’ve been to Leap to Lane

frosty with guards.jpg

53. I collect shot glasses

54. My High School Mascot is a Raider

55. Never played an instrument

56. Wear a lot of glasses

57. I’ve been to London

58. I don’t like carnival rides

59. I like family events

60. I like the car race

61. I’ve flooded a basement twice

62. I’ve been to all 3 Vikings Stadiums

63. I’ve slid down a flight of stairs on a coffee table

64. I support Pheasants Forever

65. I watch Sioux Hockey

66. I’ve been on a cruise ship

67. I like Canadian bacon & pineapple pizza

68. I have driven a motorhome

69. My daughter cheers against my team

70. I’ve been elected

71. I’ve been to 16 NFL football stadiums

72. I am the 5th sibling of 7

73. NSU Business Club Alum

74. I’ve been to the Netherlands

75. I’ve been to Wefest

76. I’ve seen the Green Monster

77. I’ve burned down a schoolhouse

78. I enjoy watching NSU football, basketball & wrestling

79. My favorite kids program is Captain 11

80. My favorite card game is Rook

81. Inside Joke: ‘Just Sayin’

82. NSU 1st Down

83. My favorite celebrity that I’ve met is Steven Tyler

84. My mother will be 90 this year

85. I use lots of Zip Ties

86. I used to play broomball

87. I’ve been to Canada

88. I support our Local Veterans

89. I own a dump trailer

90. I have lots of licenses

91. I love a good Frosty Mug

92. My life is often a Zoo

93. Instantly makes my day better, Nate Thompson

94. I can always reach the Top Shelf

95. I own a bus

96. I belong to the Aberdeen Chamber

97. My wife works with me

98. I have a dog, cat and rabbit

99. I’ve hosted a “Little Woodstock”

100. My name is like a 4th down

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