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Who is Frosty?

The first Frosty was revealed in 1949.  Frosty is a prominent business person or public figure, who dons the white snowman’s suit and takes part in the Festival events as a mystery snowman with his identity being revealed during the coronation.  Such notables as US Representative Ben Feifel, and Governors Joe Foss and Nils Boe have been Frosty.  Frosty is escorted to all events by uniformed Snow Guards.  The Snow Guards are the only ones who know the identity of Frosty.  The guards are appointed for a three year term and each has been a past president of the Aberdeen Jaycee organization, The Snow Queen Festival, past Festival General Chairperson or Ambassador.  The Guards select Frosty each year with specific criteria including: contributions to the Festival, community and state of South Dakota.  In the mid-1960s, GASM, Guards and Snow Men, was organized for former Snow Guards, Frostys and event organizers.  After each Festival, the Festival Ambassador and Frosty become new members of GASM.  The group meets yearly to renew old friendships, relive memories, and participate in Festival events.

Photo Courtesy of Dacotah Prairie Museum Photo Archives

1958 Snow Queen Janice Leisen, Aberdeen
with Gov. Joe Foss as Frosty

2023 Frosty_Guards (1)_edited.jpg

2023 Guards

Front row left to right:

Captain of the Guards Jessica Hansen and Heather Fischer with Frosty

Back row left to right:

Dawn Bremer, Don Bremer, Elizabeth Flannery, and Dave Fischer

In order to determine who is the mystery Frosty each year, clues are given to the public to see if they can guess who he (or she) is before the unveiling at Snow Queen Coronation.

Can you guess
this year's Frosty?

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1. I was born in Aberdeen 

2. I’m Married 

3. I have 2 siblings 
4. I enjoy sports 
5. I like to travel  
6. I listen to country music 
7. I have a dog 
8. I have 20/20 vision 
9. I am a fantasy football champion 
10. I love riding on two wheels 
11. I’ve been around Frosty my entire life  
12. I cheer for the Gophers 
13. I hate onions 
14. I do my own yard work 
15. I wanted to be a firefighter as a kid   
16. I love my family 
17. I love live sporting events 
18. I hate heights 
19. I played 3 sports in High School 
20. My block likes to party 
21. I have been to New York 
22. I love spending time on the deck 
23. I have a Goddaughter 
24. I enjoy watching movies 
25. I wear a size 13 shoe 
26. I’ve driven a tractor 
27. I was there for dialup internet 
28. My daughter loves, how the Grinch Stole Christmas 
29. I broke my arm in 2nd grade 
30. I was a garbage man 
31. I was a Cavalier 
32. I have a Godson 
33. I started driving when I was 9 
34. I have a Bachelor’s Degree 
35. I have seen Frozen too many times 
36. I was in the Prince and Princess Banquet growing up 
37. I am right-handed 
38. I have been in the Church Choir 
39. I cheer for the Twins 
40. I like helping others 
41. I was a Wolf 
42. I have been on the radio 
43. I have a firepit 
44. I enjoy live music 
45. Both my grandparents are farmers 
46. I lived in Richardson Hall 
47. I don’t mind the cold  
48. Orange is my favorite color  
49. Alabama is my favorite band   

2023 Frosty Aaron Smith.jpg

50. I like ice cream  
51. I cheer for the Jayhawks 
52. I have won a number of golf tournaments 
53. I have been to 3 Broadway Musicals 
54. I have a Master’s Degree 
55. I was an original Hot Shot 
56. My dog once ran away 
57. I was once a left wing 
58. I like the Chief
59.  I have at least 18 Cousins   
60. Fall is my favorite season 
61. I was an All-Area Football Player 
62. Game Day is my favorite  
63. I have been on national prime time TV 
64. I’ve been to Washington D.C. 
65. I was a Coyote 
66. I stayed in Jerde Hall 
67.  BCF is my favorite week 
68. I hate snakes  
69. I’ve had the same job twice 
70. I have attended the ACMAs 
71. I have traveled internationally 
72. I have 8 nieces and nephews 
73. I was a captain 
74. I drove 6 hours for my first date with my now wife 
75. I judge SD State FBLA 


76. I like hot WINGS 
77. Rudy is my favorite 
78. I enjoy spending time with the ones “doing life with me” 
79. The Mighty Ducks was my favorite childhood movie  
80. I grew up watching Adam Banks and Awesome Wasem  
81. I cheer for the Irish 
82. I have two kids 
83. I was in the SD All Star Games  
84. I was a Cougar 
85. I drive a black automobile 
86. I was in a fraternity  
87. I made a half-court shot at a varsity basketball game 
88.  You often see me in Bauer  
89. My first car was a Plymouth Volare 
90. Work can be cold 

91. My in-laws like to FISCH 
92. I am an Ambassador for Aberdeen 
93.I am a Shriner 
94. Jazz Appreciation was my most memorable class 
95. I serve on the CVB Board 
96. I have a championship ring 
97. I’ve had the same employer for 14 seasons  
98. I once dressed as a mascot at an athletic game  
99. I once made a top 4 list  
100. I usually Wing it

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