South Dakota Snow Queen Festival

The South Dakota Snow Queen Festival, the largest Winter Festival in South Dakota, will be celebrating its 69th year in 2015. 

It began in November 1946, when the Aberdeen Jaycees accepted a request from the St. Paul Winter Carnival to bring a “Queen of Snow’s” to our Winter Festival. The Festival at that time was very local with contestants coming from towns only a few miles away from the Hub City. Our Festival is no longer a local event. It has grown to 38 locations across the state, and involves hundreds of contestants from all over the State of South Dakota.

Once the Festival is completed, the newly crowned Sr. and Jr. Snow Queens are quickly fitted for gowns and prepared for their first appearance at the St Paul Winter Carnival held toward the end of each January. The queens also will travel to several other Festivals including: Minneapolis Aquatennial, Montevideo Fiesta Days, Willmar Fest, Anoka Halloween Festival, and Festival du Voyageur in Winnipeg, Canada among other opportunities across the state as our schedule allows.

These girls are representing their peers, local communities, Aberdeen, and the State of South Dakota. They experience how to build their network, enhance their speaking abilities, learn about new cultures, and are educated on the vast array of opportunities the State of South Dakota can offer.

A brief history on the festival:

Other festivals we travel to during the year:

St. Paul Winter Carnival

Willmar Fest

Montevideo Fiesta Days

Festival du Voyageur, Winnipeg Canada

Minneapolis Aquatennial